HE-TLED Machine Lighting

LED Machine lights
HE-TLED LED Maschinenleuchten

LED lights are optimal suited for the use within machines - reducing maintenance work to a considerable degree due to their long life and contanctly low temperature.

For constant illumination inside the machine, the HE-TLED lighting system was developed on a modular basis. 
As a result, the light provided by this system in the interior can be adapted specifically to actual needs. Units with three, six, nine, or twelve LEDs are available. 

The housing of the HE-TLED is of aluminium and polycarbonate and is ideal for dusty or wet environmental conditions e.g. inside machines.
Also a scratchproof glass variant is available as on option for use in machining production.  

All HE-TLED versions fulfil the protective requirements for IP 68. The encapsulated design is an effective barrier against foreign particles and moisture for a maintained high quality of lighting at all times. 

An LED has a max life of 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance work to a considerable degree. This long life and high lighting quality also help to save maintenance and energy costs.  

Advantages of using HETLED lamps    
- Compact measurements with maximum illumination
- Robust design for demanding applications
- Adjustable lighting angle
- High flexibility
- Innovative fastening modes for maximised installation convenience
- Resistant to many coolants and lubricants
- High IP rating
- LED technology for up to 50,000 hours of operation
- Energy efficient